DHF supports the following missions through prayer, donations, and providing introduction to churches:

Christian Missionary Fellowship

History:  Following the end of World War II, about 150 new mission agencies were started in the United States. At Manhattan Christian College in Kansas, a group of students prayed together to accomplish something big for expanding the Kingdom of God.
From their backgrounds in the Christian churches the students knew of two distinct methods of sending and supporting missionaries: independently or cooperatively. They envisioned a new model: a missionary-sending arrangement where the message would be thoroughly biblical, yet organized to allow for partnership, accountability, and efficiency. They shared their ideas and sought the advice of Christian leaders around the country. Christian Missionary Fellowship was incorporated in Kansas in 1949 “to evangelize the non-Christian people of the world” — an effort of churches and individuals voluntarily working together to accomplish the task of global evangelism.
Through CMF, churches can support missionaries on a team whose purpose is cross-cultural evangelism and whose structure provides accountability.

Within the first year of existence, CMF missionaries were on the field in India, and soon after that in Japan and Brazil. The 1960s proved to be pivotal years. CMF entered Brazil and Ethiopia, where eventually the CMF team included almost two dozen missionary families. By the time the missionaries left Ethiopia in 1977 due to the Marxist takeover, about 4,000 people had become Christians. In 1992, a new team entered Ethiopia to resume ministry, and the number of believers has since doubled.

New fields were opened in Kenya, Indonesia, Mexico, Tanzania, Chile and England in the 1970s and 1980s. In the 1990s CMF entered Singapore, Benin, Thailand, Ukraine, and Ivory Coast.

Currently, CMF missionaries serve in 25 countries. In the years between 2011-2013, CMF missionaries and its partners planted 200 churches.
CMF International
PO Box 501020
5525 E 82nd Street
Indianapolis IN 46250 
Phone: 317-578-2700
For more information, visit their website at: http://www.cmfi.org


Gary and Judy Woods, Christian Missionary Fellowship

Gary, Judy, and their 2 young daughters first arrived in Kenya as missionaries in 1987 to work with the Maasai people in church planting, evangelism, and discipleship. They left Kenya in 1995 because Judy became very ill, but returned in 1998 after her healing. As a CMF team began forming in Tanzania to train national church planters, the Woods family moved their leadership training among the Maasai from Kenya to Tanzania.

The Woods oversee the national church planters who are trained in the CMF Mission Center in Arusha and serve as the team leaders. Gary teaches at the center, then goes out among the villages to encourage and mentor the new church planters and the churches that are established. Since 2005, 55 families – from 17 tribes – have been trained in church planting and gone out to plant 41 churches. Gary also researches unreached tribes and ways to take the Gospel into their areas.

Gary and Judy Woods
c/o CMF International
PO Box 501020                                                                                                    
Indianapolis, IN 46250
Email: garyjudywoods@yahoo.com


Lynn and Dori Cazier, Christian Missionary Fellowship

The Caziers joined the Kenya team in 2003 to serve among the Maasai people. Over these years CMF-planted churches received their own registration from the Kenyan government, as Community Christian Church (CCC). Currently, CCC has 150 congregations in various areas of Kenya where they continue to evangelize and plant new churches.

Lynn coordinates church building construction together with the CCC National Advisors Ministry (NAM), community development projects, and trains church leaders to manage these projects themselves. Lynn is teaching CCC leaders to read church building quotations, enter and track construction expenses, and encouraging them to be men of integrity and accountability.

Dori works alongside the CCC Women’s Ministry and oversees a bead project, which generates income for CCC Women’s Ministry. She also serves as team leader for CMF missionaries partnering with CCC.

Lynn and Dori Cazier
c/o CMF International
PO Box 501020
Indianapolis IN 46250
Emails: lynncazier@gmail.com       doricazier@gmail.com


Send International

Send is an interdenominational faith mission agency with over 600 missionaries in more than 20 countries of Asia, Europe and North America. At SEND we envision a massive movement of cross-cultural ambassadors who are mobilizing God’s people and engaging the unreached in order to establish reproducing churches.
Located in Farmington (Detroit Metro), Michigan the USO sends out United States citizens and residents around the world for cross-cultural missionary work. The office is located right next door to SEND’s International Office. This office also manages finance, logistics, and training for American team members.
  • Address: SEND International – US Office, PO Box 513, Farmington, MI 48332, USA
  • Phone: (248) 477-4210
  • Phone: (800) SEND-808
  • Fax: (248) 477-4232
  • Website:  http://www.send.org

Jerry and Rosanne Briscoe, Send International

Jerry and Rosanne Briscoe serve as missionaries at Faith Academy in Manila, The Republic of The Philippines.  Jerry, a pastor for 25 years in the U.S., now teaches Bible courses to high school students. Rosanne teaches sixth grade Math, Bible, and Social Studies. They both greatly enjoy the interaction with Faith Academy students who come from 20 different countries and are primarily the children of missionaries.

The school was started by concerned missionaries who desired a place of education for their children. From 1957 to 2007 the student population grew from 20 students to 600. Like the children’s parents, the teachers, too, are missionaries working to enable God’s message to go forth and bear fruit.

United World Missions

UWM desires to see God change lives and transform communities everywhere by partnering to equip leaders, establish churches, and engage in holistic mission.
Equipping Leaders
God-delighting leaders who embrace biblical depth, servanthood, missional, spirituality, and community.
Establishing Churches
World-surprising churches marked by love and unity, working for mercy and justice, and making disciples who serve Christ in every endeavor.
 Engaging Holistic Mission
Sharing Christ’s compassion and truth in word and deed with men, women, and children who need it most.

United World Mission
205 Regency Executive Park Dr Suite 430
Charlotte, NC 28217                                                                                                            
Phone:  800-825-5896                                                                                                         
Website: http://www.uwm.org


Jeff and Lucy Osborne, United World Missions

28 years ago in our secular jobs, we were already involved with missions at our church in Tulsa, OK, and our daughter served twice with Teen Missions International. After reading a detailed Keith Green brochure entitled “Why YOU Should Become A Missionary,” my wife and I prayed and prayed about this seeming call on our lives. With no assurance of what lay ahead, we quit our jobs, sold our belongings, moved to Columbia, SC, to begin Bible college, and found United World Mission in the process.

We live and work in Taveta, Kenya. This is a town on Kenya’s southern border with Tanzania. We have three main areas of ministry focus:
1.    This being a semi-rural area where poverty is common, we find there is much need among pastors for leadership development and encouragement. We try to bring opportunities to Taveta for these pastors to be built up to add value to their leadership. Closely associated is a lack of understanding of world missions, so mission mobilization is also a key element.
2.    We work with Taveta Children’s Assistance in programs of food and educational assistance to AIDS-orphaned kids. Included is project development to alleviate poverty among the orphan guardians.
3.    We work with our local church, “above and beyond the call of duty,” to strengthen the members spiritually and to bring an increased awareness of their individual need be involved in missions and to be an active participant in God’s eternal plan.