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DHF Connection - Spring 2017


"Looking for the Right Pastor: Guidelines for Pastoral Search Committees" by Doug Harvey
Description: A step-by-step resource to help Search Committees organize and do their work.
45 pages

"A Brief History of Disciple Renewal" by Richard Bowman
Published: 2003
A brief description of the work of Disciple Renewal in the DoC denomination, with copies of resolutions, reports and articles that document the attempt to challenge the DoC with evangelical beliefs.
118 pages

"Why We Left"
Interviewer: Doug Harvey
Published: reprinted February, 2006 issue of DHF Update
Description: Reports and interviews from four congregations that left the DoC.
12 pages

"How Did We Get Into This Mess?" by Richard Bowman
Published: 1994
Description: Basic Theology for the Laity
77 pages

"Why Not Stay?" by Doug Harvey
Description: Should conservative Disciple congregations remain in the DoC with the hope of changing the denomination? This book documents the reasons this strategy is not a good stewardship of resources for most congregations.
32 pages

"In or Out?" by Doug Harvey
Description: For churches questioning their ties to the DoC. Strategies for raising the right questions, communicating with the congregation and making a sound decision.
30 pages

"In Order: A Model Constitution for DHF Churches" by Doug Harvey
Description: How can a church move beyond the old Board/Committee system to a structure that is more biblical and empowers leadership and initiative?
46 pages

"How To Prepare a Sermon" by Harold Knott
Published: 1930
Description: A reprint of an excellent resource for ministers and teachers.
188 pages

"Setting Disciples Free" by Doug Harvey
Published: 2003
Description: How the decision to create the Disciples of Christ denomination in 1968 led the Disciples down the wrong path, and what we can do to recover our movement.
74 pages

Sunday School Teachers Handbook by David Birch
Description: Basic information for Sunday School teachers.
20 pages