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The DHF Pastor’s Network is a group of church leaders who are called to pastoral ministry and desire to be recognized and affirmed in that calling by Disciple Heritage Fellowship. Pastors can depend on the DHF Pastor’s Network for:

  • consistent commitment to scriptural standards of faith and practice

  • leadership reflective of both biblical truth and effective ministry models in our culture

  • provision of a center of identity, opportunities to build relationships, and a place to plant your ministry in a healthy association of churches

  • resources for pastors and church leaders that can help keep ministry both faithful and fresh

  • assistance with relocation

  • ready access to DHF staff

We’d love for you to be a part of the network! Here are a few things you need to know before applying:



We believe the primary recognition of pastoral calling lies with the local church. Membership in the DHF Pastor’s Network  reflects a local church’s recognition of a call to pastoral ministry.



Membership in the DHF Pastor’s Network reflects the candidate’s desire for an ongoing relationship with DHF through the DHF Pastor’s Network. Although DHF does not directly supervise or have direct authority over DHF Pastor’s Network members, there are expectations that are assumed in the decision to apply for membership in the Pastor’s Network, including:

  • to maintain a deep commitment to biblical truth

  • to maintain a lifestyle and ministry style that reflects the heart of Christ

  • to maintain a relationship of accountability with the leadership of Disciple Heritage Fellowship

Chaplaincy Endorsement

Those interested in acquiring a military or institutional chaplaincy can be served through Disciple Heritage Fellowship. Most military or institutional chaplaincy positions require a denominational endorsement.

Because DHF is not a denomination and therefore unable to directly provide denominational endorsement, we are able to provide a path for endorsement for military chaplaincy through our National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) membership. The NAE can fully endorse institutional chaplains. Membership in the DHF’s Pastor’s Network can also be acceptable in lieu of a denominational endorsement.

To join the DHF PASTOR'S NETWORK, contact us at or 217.875.3350.

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